vendor profile: Etta + Billie

I first discovered my love for bath and body products when I was 13. I became addicted to finding and trying products. Every trip to the mall required a visit to The Body Shop, Garden Botanika (I’m dating myself here) and Bath and Body Works. At some point, my obsession got a bit out of hand and my mom made me promise not to buy anymore products…I kept that promise, until I went to college.

About five years ago I had an A-HA moment after receiving a soapmaking book from my mom – I could just make my own products. Around the same time, I became more aware of the cheap chemical laden ingredients found in most bath and body products. Making my own products would enable me to feed my addiction and I could choose the ingredients. Perfect! My product journey started with cold process soap making. That naturally led me to begin researching, creating and experimenting with a variety of bath and body products and ingredients. My focus on natural organic ingredients led me to study Herbalism (study of medicinal qualities of herbs) in 2008 to enhance my understanding of botanicals. During that time, I began incorporating the healing, soothing power of herbs and essential oils into my products. After many experiments, trials and errors, everything clicked in the fall of 2008 and Etta + Billie was officially born.

I am passionate about providing beautiful sustainable handmade natural products. I believe that a 100% natural product should be just that – natural with no weird additives, artificial colors or scents. I have strict standards for what is considered natural, so I only use the highest quality organic or fair trade oils, essential oils, organic herbs and organic botanicals, with no artificial colors or scents. I think the real thing is so much better.

I believe that being a natural products company also means making conscious decisions from top to bottom. I am committed to accountability and sustainability. My products are made with organic and sustainably harvested raw materials, my packaging is re-usable and recyclable, even my light bulbs are energy efficient.

I decided to name my business Etta + Billie after my grandmothers. I spent a lot of time with each of them growing up and they have always been a huge part of my life. Etta + Billie seemed like the perfect way to honor their selflessness, tenacity, support and courage.

My Grandma Etta passed away before my business ever really started but my Grandma Billie loves my products and has made me promise to give her a million once I make my first two ;).





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