vendor profile: Pererina Girl

Peperina Girl was born out of my love for nature and passion for design.

I was introduced to nature while growing up in Rosario, Argentina. Every summer, my mother would pack up the whole family and take us camping to the mountains of Córdoba. We would always set up our tent at the same spot, right next to the crystal clear waters of the Calamuchita River. In the afternoons, my grandmother Amelia would take my sister, my brother, and me on long hikes in search of peperina* for our afternoon mate**.

Since I moved to California, nature has continued to play a wonderful role in my life. Not only I have learned from its beauty and wisdom, but I am also able to find inner peace and creativity from its power. Whether biking in the hills of Redwood Park or snowboarding at Lake Tahoe, I always feel incredibly thankful and inspired by those who helped preserve nature.

As a graphic designer, I am interested in using my creativity and skills to impact the world in a positive way, while contributing to matters that are close to my heart. Thus, inspired by my desire to help protect our beautiful earth, along with my love for design and paper, I created Peperina Girl.

* a type of peppermint that grows in the mountains of Córdoba, Argentina
** a South American tea considered a tradition typical of the “Gauchos”.


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